Hi! Here is where the fun is - Motorcycles!

This is my current bike: a KTM RXC/E of 1997 - a great bike for trails and the desert. I bought it in a pretty bad condition and spent almost two month on it - but now it seems to run fairly well. Has lots of power and a great handling, but it is not really made for riding with your girl on longer trips... Picture of KTM RXC/E taken apart
My Suzuki Freewind XF650 My 'old' Suzuki Freewind XF 650 - just a great bike! Use it with the Metzeler's Enduro 4 - that's a dream-combination! Unlike with the stock tires I never slipped in any corners with the Metzeler's - no matter how far down I pressed the bike (no guarantees ;-) )! The Freewind seems to be one of the most underrated bikes - you can get it damned cheap. Probably because many don't like the digital speedo - but in fact it's so accurate and easy to read you can rely on it in every speed control... The bike has the sturdy Suzuki single-cylinder engine with dual Mikuni carburetors and dual sparks - great working concept for lot's of smooth power in all situations!

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